Lanterns of Hope

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Lanterns of Hope  *   فوانيس الامل  * چراکانی هیوا

A Youth Poetry Project

We welcome poems from youth ages 16-23 in Arabic, Kurdish, and English that reflect in some way on life in modern-day Iraq, potentially dealing with themes like reconciliation and forgiveness. A selection of poetry will be made by a group of prominent Iraqi writers on the basis of quality, concrete expressiveness, originality, and diversity.

Selected poets will have their poems translated and published in Arabic, Kurdish, and English in both a digital e-book and a hard copy version.

This project is sponsored by the Baghdad City of Literature Steering Committee in collaboration with the Iraqi House of Poetry, the Union of Iraqi Writers, the Iraq Literary Review, and the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program.

DEADLINE EXTENDED! New deadline for submission: July 15, 2015

Decisions will be made, at the latest, by the end of August.

For more information in Arabic and Kurdish, please go to


To help with submitting, here are the translations of some key phrases used in the submissions process below:

“View your Submissions”

اطلع على ما قدمته

چاوخشانەوە بە فۆرمەکەت


“Title”/“Enter a title for your submission”

العنوان/  اكتب عنوان للقصيدة التي قدمتها

ناو نیشان/ ناونیشانێك بۆ فۆرمەکەت تۆماربکە


 “Cover Letter”/ “Enter a cover letter including a short biographical statement”

خطاب تقديمي /ارفق خطاب تقديمي يتضمن موجزا عن سيرتك الذاتية 

بەرگە نامە/ تۆمار کردنی کورتەیەك لە ژیان نامەی خۆت


“Acceptable file types: pdf, doc, .docx, rtf”

 نوع الملفات المقبولة : PDF, doc, .docx, rtf

جۆری فایلە پەسەند کراوەکان : PDF, doc, .docx, rtf






 “No files have been attached yet”

لم يتم ارفاق اي ملف الى الان

تا ئێستا هیچ جۆرە فایلێك پێشکەش نەکراوە


 “Save Draft”

احفظ المسودة او المشروع

ڕەش نوسەکە سەیڤ(پاشەکەوت) بکە



حمل  او قدّم الطلب

پێشکەش کردن

Lanterns of Hope